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09:00Session 1Mr Chris RiderChair, innoLAE 2020WelcomeFCA
09:15Keynote 1.1Dr Emre Ozer*ArmThinking Out of the Box to Enable Low-cost Smart Objects with Flexible Electronics details
10:10Refreshments, Exhibition
10:40Session 2Novel devices and systemsFCASession 3LAE for EnergyRFP
2.1Dr Yoeri van de Burgt*TU Eindhoven details 3.1Dr Pritesh Hiralal*Zinergy details
Organic Electronic Materials for Neuromorphic Computing and Adaptive BiointerfacesThe combination of Thin Energy and Flexible IoT – Adapting Printed Batteries for Long Range communications
2.2Mr Abhishek ChandramohanPragmatIC details 3.2Dr Yun Fu ChanCPI details
Low Cost Thin Film Schottky for Flexible Electronics ApplicationEnhancement of Lithium Anode by Plasma Surface Modification, Physical Vapour Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition Coatings for High Performance of Li-S Batteries (LiFE Project)
2.3Dr Kiron Prabha RajeevNeudrive Limited details 3.3Mr Pavlos GiannakouUniversity of Surrey details
High mobility OTFT devices; material formulation, process development and applicationsInkjet Printing as a Facile Route towards Low Cost Electrochemical Energy Storage
2.4Dr Ulrike KraftUniversity of Cambridge details 3.4Mr Mahmoud WagihUniversity of Southampton details
Improving the operational stability of polymer transistors through passivation of water-induced trapsA Broadband Outlook on Flexible and Textile RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer: from Near-Field to 5G
2.5Dr Kris Myny*IMEC details 3.5Dr Joe BriscoeQueen Mary University of London details
Flexible thin-film transistor platform for healthcare patchesMethylammonium lead triiodide photovoltaic devices produced using scalable aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition
12:45Lunch, Exhibition
14:00Session 4PlenaryFCA
Plenary 4.1Mr Mike Clausen*CPI Large Area Electronics – Scaling up to volume manufacture details
Keynote 4.2Professor Mark Poliks*Binghampton UniversityFlexible Hybrid Electronics -- “Unpackaged” Electronics for the Next Generation of Wearable Devices details
15:05Refreshments, Exhibition
15:25Session 5Applications enabled by advanced manufacturingFCASession 6BioelectronicsRFPSession 7Emerging Technology for Displays (SID)BMP
5.1Dr Barbara Stadlober*Joanneum Research details 6.1Dr Eleni Stavrinidou*Linkoping University details 7.1Dr Guillaume FichetFlexEnable details
Ferroelectric Polymer Sensors for Flexible ElectronicsPlants-Electronics interfaceLow cost, organic LCDs on Plastic - flexible displays for every surface
5.2Mr Merijn GiesbersTNO / Holst Centre details 6.2Mr Ben WoodingtonUniversity of Cambridge details 7.2Mr Sang Yun BangUniversity of Cambridge details
Integrated Electronic Functionalities in 3D printed productsDevelopment of a minimally invasive spinal cord interface utilising thin film electronicsScalable full-colour transfer printed quantum dot light-emitting diode onto active matrix display
5.3Mr Michael JohnsonImperial College London / details 6.3Dr Christian NielsenQueen Mary University of London details 7.3Dr Clément TalagrandBodle Technologies details
In-situ manufacturing of thin-film spacecraft, landers and roversNew Semiconducting Materials for Organic Bioelectronic ApplicationsLTPS driven microheater array for phase-change material based reflective display
5.4Dr Sanjiv SambandanUniversity of Cambridge / Indian Institute of Science details 6.4Dr Vincenzo CurtoUniversity of Cambridge details 7.4Dr Grigorios RigasM-Solv Ltd details
Self-healing printed thin film transistor circuitsHigh-density flexible probes for the neural interfaceAdvanced Manufacturing of flexible touch sensors for next generation foldable displays
5.5Dr Mario Caironi*IIT Milano details 6.5Prof Josep Samitier*IBEC Barcelona details 7.5Mr Russell BaileyPro-Lite Technology Ltd details
Direct-Written and Low-Voltage Polymer Field-Effect Transistors Operating at Radio-FrequenciesBioelectronics for organ-on-a-chip monitoringDisplay metrology and the challenges measuring flexible displays
17:30Poster session
19:45Conference DinnerQueens' College

09:00Session 8Mr Chris RiderChair, innoLAE 2020Welcome to day 2FCA
09:10Keynote 8.1Professor Sir Richard Friend*University of CambridgeThin Film Electronics – Limits to Performance details
10:00Poster Prize Award
10:15Refreshments, exhibition
10:40Session 9High performance materials for LAEFCASession 10Wearables for healthcareRFP
9.1Dr Selina Ambrose*Promethean Particles Ltd10.1Dr Alison Burdett*Sensium details
Large-Scale Continuous Manufacture of Nanomaterials for Conductive Inks details Early detection of postoperative patient deterioration through wearable wireless monitoring
9.2Dr Aiman RahmanudinUniversity of Manchester details 10.2Dr Abiodun KomolafeUniversity of Southampton details
Bottom-up Chemical Approach for Engineering Thin Films of Organic Electronic Materials for Field-Effect TransistorsWearable functional e-textiles based on flexible filament circuits
9.3Mr Thomas EldridgeCHASM Advanced Materials Inc. details 10.3Mr Michael KasimatisImperial College London details
Innovative approach to large format touch screens through flexible hybrid transparent conductive filmsMonolithic Solder-on Nanoporous Si-Cu Contacts for Stretchable Silicone Composite Sensors
9.4Professor Pedro BarquinhaNOVA.ID.FCT details 10.4Dr Russel TorahUniversity of Southampton details
Autonomous flexible electronics with zinc-tin oxide thin films and nanostructuresEU-H2020 project WEARPLEX - Wearable multiplexed biomedical electrodes
9.5Dr Luigi OcchipintiUniversity of Cambridge details 10.5Mr Yasin CoturImperial College London details
Graphene and two-dimensional materials, from production to applications in sensors and opto-electronicsFlexible acoustic transducer for monitoring vital signs
12:45Lunch, exhibition
13:45Session 11SensorsFCASession 12Advanced manufacturing processes and equipmentRFP
11.1Dr Firat Güder*Imperial College details 12.1Professor Duncan HandHeriot-Watt University details
Near "zero-cost" paper-based electrical gas sensors for measuring food qualityPicosecond laser microwelding: a novel technique for hermetic joining of transparent materials
11.2Professor Gregory WhitingUniversity of Colorado Boulder details 12.2Dr James BlakesleyNational Physical Laboratory details
Biodegradable printed sensors for monitoring soil conditionsA new tool for high-speed quantitative functional imaging of large-area electronics
11.3Dr Daniel TobjörkCambridge Display Technology Ltd. details 12.3Mr Vikram TurkaniNovaCentrix details
OTFT gas sensors for applications in post-harvest monitoringNext Generation Paper: Cost-Effective Printed Electronics Techniques Advancing Augmented Book Manufacturability
11.4Dr Robert ValentineCPI details 12.4Dr Ivor GuineyParagraf Ltd details
Fabrication of a printed, flexible temperature and humidity sensor device that is technology enabler for IoTNext Generation Large Area Graphene for Electronics
11.5Mr Pelumi OluwasanyaUniversity of Cambridge details 12.5Mr Thomas KolbuschCoatema details
Wearable sensors for personal exposure monitoringSilver nanowires application on big scale for flexible displays and flexible electronics

innoLAE 2020 Poster Presentations
The evolution of OSC’s performance parameters under mechanical bending Ms Huda Ahli Imperial College London details
Aluminum layer roughness effect on the anodization process and in electrical properties of Al2O3 filmsDr Neri Alves University of São Paulo State - UNESP details
Laser selective sintering of laser printed silver inks on polymeric substrates for flexible RFID devicesDr Daniel Arnaldo De Cerro Oxford Lasers Ltd details
Next-generation paper: a versatile augmented book platformMr Georgios Bairaktaris University of Surrey details
Quantum dot-based colour gamut and rendering for white electroluminescent lighting deviceMr Sang Yun Bang University of Cambridge details
TCAD and XPS studies on the effect of device structure, electrode material and semiconductor composition on the performance of low-temperature IGZO TFTsProfessor Pedro Barquinha UNINOVA-CEMOP details
Bi2S3 thin film photovoltaics; a study of the impact of morphology on absorber propertiesDr Samuel Beddoe University of Southampton details
Challenges and opportunities in reproducible electrochemical ink formulation and processing for multiplexed biosensor designMs Nicola Broughton CPI details
Applications of LAE - Simultaneously addressing healthcare needs & the step change required in climate actionMs Josephine Charnley Quantum Technology Supersensors details
Conformal 3-Dimensional Energy Storage through Inkjet and Water-Transfer PrintingMr Pavlos Giannakou University of Surrey details
  Picosecond laser microwelding of ultra-thin flexible glass for hermetic encapsulation of OLEDsProfessor Duncan Hand  Heriot-Watt University details
Multiphoton fabrication of bioelectronicsDr John Hardy Lancaster University details
Spray-printed molybdenum disulfide electrodes for application in supercapacitorsMr Maykel KlemSão Paulo State University (UNESP) details
Excimer Laser Annealing of sol-gel Metal-Oxide thin filmsMrs Christina Koutsiaki Nottingham Trent University details
Tuning the electronic properties of metal oxides by low temperature annealingMr João Luis Durham University details
Transparent microelectrode arrays for in-vitro electrophysiology and simultaneous imagingMr Sagnik Middya University of Cambridge details
Low-power High-performance a-IGZO Thin-Film Transistor using OTS Modified Ta2O5 as the gate dielectricMr Navid Mohammadian The University of Manchester details
Large-scale deposition of copper (I) thiocyanate hole transport material for use in perovskite solar cells Ms Lokeshwari Mohan Imperial College London details
Organic Field Effect Transistors for Low-level Detection of N-Alkyl Amines Mr Panagiotis Mougkogiannis University of Manchester details
Fabrication of Schottky diode and Electrolyte-Gated Transistor using spray-printed ZnO at low-temperature as the semiconductor materialMs Gabriel NogueiraSão Paulo State University (UNESP) details
Using Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Enhanced Electrophysiology RecordingsMr Anastasios Polyravas University of Cambridge details
Effect of press parameters and ink viscosity on ink separation mechanisms in screen printingMs Sarah-Jane Potts Swansea University details
Low voltage p-channel organic TFT on low-cost substrates.Mr Md Nazmul Anam Rafi Tampere University details
Graphene based electronic devices on flexible textile fibres Ms Gopika Rajan University of Exeter details
Synthesis and characterization of water-based inks of 2D-materialsMr Oliver ReadUniversity of Manchester details
Flexible textile power module based on ferroelectret energy harvester and super capacitorDr Junjie Shi University of Southampton details
Stabilizing organic electronics devices for long-term environmental sensingMr Dimitrios Simatos University of Cambridge details
The effect of UV irradiation on electrical properties of spray-coated ZnO thin filmsMr Douglas VieiraSão Paulo State University (UNESP) details
Photonic Processing of Metal Oxide Thin Films for Electronic DevicesMr Emre Yarali King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) details

* invited speakers

FCA: Francis Crick Auditorium
RFP: Rosalind Franklin Pavilion
BMP: Barbara McClintock Pavilion
Queens' College: Coach transport for the conference dinner will leave the conference centre at 7 pm

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