Dr Luigi Occhipinti

Dr Luigi Occhipinti University of Cambridge


Title:  Graphene and two-dimensional materials, from production to applications in sensors and opto-electronics

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Dr Luigi Occhipinti is Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cambridge Graphene Centre. He joined the University of Cambridge in April 2014. Prior to that he was Senior Group Manager and R&D Programs Director at STMicroelectronics where he developed science and innovation for more than 20 years in emerging technology areas for the post-CMOS roadmap, smart systems heterogeneous integration, polymer and printed electronics.  He also serves as CEO and Director of Engineering of Cambridge Innovation Technologies Consulting (CITC Ltd), a Cambridge-based medical and healthcare research venture, and as Non-Exec Director of Zinergy UK, another Cambridge-based start-up manufacturing printed flexible energy storage devices.  Luigi has authored and co-authored more than 90 peer-review papers, 2 book chapters, 2 international standards and is inventor or co-inventor of 40 patent families. He is co-editor of the Cambridge Elements Series on “Flexible and Large-Area Electronics” published by Cambridge University Press.

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