Dr Clément Talagrand

Dr Clément Talagrand

Bodle Technologies


Title: LTPS driven microheater array for phase-change material based reflective display

Abstract:  7.3 Broughton


Clément is a micro and nano scale Engineer at Bodle. Before starting this adventure, Clément obtained his Master’s Degree specialising in micro and nano technology at “Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie, Biologie et Physique de Bordeaux”. He then graduated from “Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne” with a PhD. His research focus on IGZO-based thin film transistors, studying both the optical and electrical properties of this material, on flexible substrates and deposited by inkjet printing.

Bodle Technologies was founded in 2015, and based in Oxford. Our core technology is centred on the creation and manipulation of colour reflected off a surface by changing the refractive index of ultra-thin functional layers. This elegant, yet highly enabling piece of engineering was first discovered, and developed at Oxford University and first published in Nature in 2014 by two of our co-founders, Prof Harish Bhaskaran and Dr Peiman Hosseini.

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