Dr Emre Ozer

Dr Emre Ozer

Arm Research


Title: Thinking Out of the Box to Enable Low-cost Smart Objects with Flexible Electronics


Flexible electronics will enable disruptive smart objects where each smart object is an integrated system made of low-cost components manufactured using flexible electronics principles. A key challenge to realise the low-cost smart objects is to develop some form of (ideally flexible) processing engine that has to meet the computational requirements of the applications and be low-cost at the same time. Addressing this challenge requires out-of-the-box thinking in terms of target application space, use-case scenarios as well as the technological advantages and limitations of flexible electronics


Emre Ozer is a Principal Research Engineer and joined Arm Research in 2005. He received his PhD in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University in 2001. His research interests are energy-efficient CPUs, fault tolerance, machine learning for embedded systems, bespoke hardware design and flexible electronics. He has published over 50 international conference/journal articles and holds over 25 US patents. He is currently the project coordinator of an InnovateUK funded project PlasticARMPit, developing bespoke ML compute engines on plastic that are tightly coupled to plastic e-nose sensors



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