Mr Yasin Cotur

Mr Yasin Cotur Imperial College London


Title: Flexible acoustic transducer for monitoring vital signs

10.5 Cotur

Yasin carries out interdisciplinary projects to apply electronic and analytical tools in biomedicine. He studied BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Bogazici University. He focused on the determination of brain tumour locations from MRI images in the master’s thesis. Besides he took part in another academic project to establish an EMG control system on the development of a smart prosthetic hand. He also developed a mobile application for a wireless audiometer device in a start-up company. His PhD in the Guder Research Group at Imperial College is focused on the design of a wearable system for the detection of olfactory recognition events of dogs while they are searching for an odour that they are trained for. Using a paper-based sensor, he has been also developing a prototype for real-time monitoring and analysis of breathing as CTO of Sypras, which is a start-up company based in London.

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