Dr Vincenzo Curto

Dr Vincenzo Curto University of Cambridge


Title: High-density flexible probes for the neural interface

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Vincenzo Fabio Curto received his BSc and MSc both in Chemical Engineering from the University of Palermo in 2010, Italy. In 2013, he earned his PhD from Dublin City University under the supervision of Prof. Dermot Diamond, working on the development wearable microfluidic chemo/bio-sensors for sports applications. He was then awarded by the EC with a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships (IEF) to developed microfluidic cell culture systems coupled with on-line electronics monitoring systems. This work was carried out in the Department of Bioelectronics of the Ecole des Mines de St. Etienne (France). As a postdoctoral researcher in Cambridge, he is developing high-density neural probes for speech rehabilitation under the BrainCom FET project.

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