Dr Pritesh Hiralal

Dr Pritesh Hiralal


Title: The combination of Thin Energy and Flexible IoT – Adapting Printed Batteries for Long Range communications


Zinergy powered smart label

The advent of printed large area electronics has started delivering exciting innovations over the last few years. A key enabler for fully thin devices is printed energy! Over the last 3 years, Zinergy has embarked on a mission to develop simple, low cost, printed energy storage devices which are compatible with other printed electronic devices.

Printing is a very versatile technique for batteries. It allows to control not only size and shape of devices, but also via thickness control and ink formulations there is a toolkit to adapt the battery´s power requirements to a large set of applications, from high energy, low current applications to high power. Printing batteries allows a degree of freedom in design not possible with traditional batteries.

In this paper we discuss one such optimisation, the adaptation of printed batteries for IoT applications with long range communication ability. We talk about the adaptations required to allow long range communication and high pulse currents, and show possibilities and results.

This capability has allowed the production of smart labels which can amongst other things track locations of goods or measure other parameters and communicate of ranges of a few km. Results of field trials will be shown as well as a projection of possibilities we expect in the coming years.



Dr. Pritesh Hiralal, studied Physics at Manchester and completed his Ph.D. in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He has spent time in business in Spain and set up Casa Hiralal S.L. and Zendal Backup. He has spent time in industry at the Nokia Research Centre working on high power energy storage, and has published 40+ papers and 10+ patents in the field. He has consulted for materials as well as energy storage
device companies. He spent time as a Research Associate as well as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Cambridge. He is a co-founder and CEO of Zinergy and for the last 3+ years  has been focusing on taking the business from the lab to the market.

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