Dr Yun Fu (Sam) Chan

Dr Yun Fu Chan CPI

Title: Enhancement of Lithium Anode by Plasma Surface Modification, Physical Vapour Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition Coatings for High Performance of Li-S Batteries (LiFE Project)

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Dr.(Sam) Yun Fu Chan (PhD in Chemistry, University of Reading).Senior Scientist at the Centre of ProcessInnovation Ltd (CPI) (2010 to date), he has over thirteen (13x) years of industrial experience in Optoelectronics research including OLEDs, LECs, OTFTs,
OPV and ALD Barrier Coating, as well as Laser processing and Battery since 2005, previously at Polymertronics Ltd (Materials Chemist, 2008 to 2010), OLED-T-Ltd (Synthetic Inorganic Chemist, 2006 to 2008), University of Reading (Post-doctoral Researcher, 2005 to 2006) . Since joining CPI in 2010, he has participated and technically led some of the eleven (11x) UK-funded and three (3x) European projects, managed commercial and IUK projects (project numbers 133365 & 103763), and submitted and won IUK bids.He is author of 4 scientific papers, 13 international conference papers and is author of 4 patents.

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