Mr Michael Kasimatis

Mr Michael Kasimatis Imperial College London


Title: Monolithic Solder-on Nanoporous Si-Cu Contacts for Stretchable Silicone Composite Sensors

10.3 Kasimatis


Michael received his formal training in Chemistry at Durham and developed his interest in functional molecules and materials. He then focused on materials research and the functionalisation of implantable artificial organ scaffolds and received his second degree in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine from University College London. Michael has worked in healthcare, manufacturing, textiles, and informatics in industrial and startup settings, and taught and performed research in Nanotechnology. He is currently doing his PhD in the Guder Research Group investigating wearable sensors, physiological monitoring, and flexible electronic materials. He is also the founder of BlakBear, a technology company involved in mass-produced, low-cost sensors, and data analytics in the Agrifood, Healthcare, appliance, and consumer markets.

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