Mr Michael Johnson

Mr Michael Johnson
Imperial College London/

Title: In-situ manufacturing of thin-film spacecraft, landers and rovers

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Michael is a Ph.D. student at Imperial College London. His research focus is integrated self-optimising cyber physical systems for space exploration and includes a number of Interplanetary CubeSat and Thin-Film spacecraft flight projects to demonstrate the utility of this approach on orbit. Michael obtained his first degree in Physics from Imperial College. He has worked on ChipSat, Thin-Film and CubeSat projects at institutions including Cornell University, where he co-created the first KickStarter funded CubeSat/ChipSat mission that launched a record 105 spacecraft into low earth orbit in April 2014, the California Institute of Technology, where he co-lead the Keck Institute for Space Studies “Small Satellites: a Revolution in Space Science” study, and the University of Cambridge, working on space manufacturing and large apeture self-aligning space telescopes. He runs several open source open access projects including iCubeSat, the Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop.

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